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Can Wearing Contact Lenses Cause Blindness After So Long?


Remember in the 1980’s when ditching those oversized glasses for contact lenses seemed like the coolest thing ever? Kids everywhere no longer had to deal with eyeglasses that they felt made them look “nerdy”, and for a relatively affordable price, you could toss in a tiny, comfortable lens into your eye, and off you go seeing perfectly! Fast forward some 30 plus years, and millions of vision patients are still wearing contacts today, and happily doing so. While the lenses may be much more appealing aesthetically speaking, new research is showing that they may actually result in causing blindness to develop after wearing them for a decade or longer.

Experts are reporting that contact wearers are 6 times more likely to obtain an infection that can result in blindness. This is much more risky than having corrective eye surgery, as advised by the team at the Daily Mail.

The common infection doctors are seeing, is called microbial keratitis. This occurs when bacteria, fungi, or an amoeba gets into the cornea. When this happens it not only compromises their vision, but it can also be terribly painful as well. Many rush to a local eye doctor once they start to experience any pain whatsoever, but others wait it out, then they find that an ulcer has formed inside the eye, which can lead to blindness if not treated quickly enough.

Add in the additional risk of hygiene having a role in anyone sticking lenses into their eyes everyday, and you can easily notice why corrective laser surgery is on the rise. Scientists are explaining that having the surgery is a much healthier, one-off solution to improving a patient’s eyesight for the long haul over the traditional contact lenses. It seems that those who are still fussing about with contacts are doing do because they find the surgery process either out of their budget, or they are a little weary of the surgery as a whole. Both solid reasons to continue using contacts, but after a few decades of placing lenses into the eyes, it may be time to start researching corrective surgery instead, as it does save you money over time, and now is considered to be the most healthy option for vision.





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