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Are Cardio Fitness Booths The Next Biggest Trend To Keep Everyone Trim In 2018?


Running along with the new year, new you theme, the folks in Beijing have come up with quite a creative idea to bring the fitness to their residents so that even when they’re on the go, they can always grab a quick workout. How you ask? With the keen invention of “Fitness Booths”!

A fitness booth is exactly what you may think it is, which is a public booth situated in an area that receives heavy foot traffic, equipped with a treadmill, a television, and a/c. And it’s super cheap too, as working out in one booth for approximately one hour will only run you a whopping $2! Or, you can go in for a quick run for 5 minutes and only pay 15 cents. It’s the convenience of it all that makes it so easy to continue right along with your day if you happen to be out running errands. Just prioritize your day to end it with that invigorating run inside a fitness booth, and go home for a quick shower. You get all the benefits of staying trim, saving money over a pricey gym membership, or personal trainer hourly rates, and you gain that coveted “runner’s high” that everyone is raving about.

The team at Sputnik News have posted a video of the booths so that readers can check out exactly how one of the booths is operated, which you can check out to really seal the deal.

Fitness truly is what you make it, don’t overcomplicate the logistics of it, and don’t create goals that are unobtainable. Park far away from your company office so that you’re forced to walk further to work each day. Take the stairs, drink water instead of sugary sodas; simple, easy changes like these are how people get trim, and stay that way. With the success of these fitness booths, you can expect to see similar products most likely developed in the states and Canada soon.





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