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When Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Needs Repairing Quickly


Carpal tunnel can be a very debilitating ailment for those that have worked with their hands for many years, but the scary part is when you let it go too long and aren’t aware of the potential damage you could be doing to your hands.

The condition occurs when the nerve is compressed within the carpal tunnel pathway inside the wrist resulting in pain, numbness, and often tingling. The condition can be rather painful when left untreated for a certain length of time, and can even result in permanent nerve damage for some patients.

Some patients experience the symptoms mostly at night when their body is positioned flat and the pins and needles feeling starts to take effect. Often they cannot get themselves back to sleep properly as it may only stop hurting once the patient has gotten out of bed and began to move around to encourage circulation.

If your medical provider thinks that you may have this condition they will first try to combat it with less invasive forms of care. Using ice packs, sleeping while having your head propped up higher than your body, and taking over the counter pain medications or anti-inflammatory tablets. Others find great success in merely using artist wraps for several hours during the day or night to hold the wrist into place and not expect too much strain on it all day. Even wearing them to sleep in can be life changing for millions of carpal tunnel sufferers.

Don’t delay if you think you may be living with this ailment as it can all too quickly become a serious issue to try to live with once nerve damage has settled in. Talk with your doctor to rule any other conditions out, then get your symptoms treated asap!






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