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Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Wrecking Havoc On Your Pregnancy?


As if pregnancy doesn’t have enough ups and downs for nine months, maybe you’re one of the thousands of Moms-to-be that are experiencing some crazy carpal tunnel symptoms. Not fun, as it can often keep you awake most of the night, and even be extremely painful at times. What if you’ve never had carpal tunnel in the past? Why are you getting it now?

During pregnancy, the body tends to retain water, and swell up rather easily. From swollen ankles, to swollen joints, and fingers; this is how carpal tunnel sneaks its way into your daily life. Doctors advise that typically this can begin to occur in the second, or third trimesters, and it can be more common if you are carrying multiples. Some women develop this condition so severely, along with other forms of oedema such as one woman, Dolapo Sijuwade, explains on Bella Naija.

The good news is that even if you are suffering with pregnancy related carpal tunnel, there are some ways to help combat the pain:

  • Wrap your hands at night prior to going to bed to prevent you from placing your hands in challenging positions all night under pillows and such that worsen the symptoms of carpal tunnel.
  • Use ice, and anti-inflammatory over the counter pills to help keep pain at bay
  • Incorporate stretching techniques to help alleviate the swelling around the nerve in the wrists
  • Stay in an upright position as often as possible- many women don’t realize that once you lay down, all the blood is going to other places in the body, instantly setting off a carpal tunnel attack in the wrists. If your pregnancy is causing a lot of bedrest, or you are sick a lot with nausea, prop yourself up in a recliner, or use pillows to keep your body in an upright position to deter the hand pain.

This is just one of those unfortunate circumstances of becoming a Mommy. It will go away after the birth, and often even during the third trimester. Invest in hand wraps, and tell your medical professional that you are experiencing this symptoms, so that he/she can even possibly administer a hormone supplement to help adjust your hormones which usually cause the carpal tunnel in the first place.





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