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Cat Yoga: Exercise (And Kitty Cuddles) All Wrapped In One


Listen up crazy cat ladies and all lovers of this furry four-legged friend. Apparently, there is a new exercise craze in town, and it is one you can enjoy with your cat!

A cat shelter, located in the Atlanta suburb of Marietta, has introduced a new kitty-inspired class that will not only make you feel invigorated, but help you get a dose of cat cuddles, too. The Good Mews organization in the community has now introduced a Cat Yoga class, and potential exercise fad that could challenge any yoga lover. The concept behind the idea is engaging in yoga, while allowing these furry feline creatures to scatter about.

Who says yoga has to be all about the downward dog?

While the shelter houses about 100 cats at any given time, during the yoga class, some are able to roam about the room and meet new human friends. One of the managers of the shelter, who also happens to be a certified yoga instructor, came up with the concept after being inspired by a video she saw on the web. Cat Yoga has turned out to be a win-win situation: people get their exercise on, they get to hang out with their favorite cuddly creatures, and the shelter gets to invite people in to see the plethora of animals that are currently up for adoption. In addition, the fee for the class turns into a donation to support the shelter. Another perk? Cats that may not normally get the much-need one-on-one attention that they crave, get some affection while yogaer partake in their class.

The class runs about three times monthly, and sell out almost as instantly as it is announced online.

CNN reported that past research indicates that yoga is a great exercise when it comes to improving balance, breathing, stress, flexibility, weight loss, and overall health. It helps to also reduce chronic pain and strengthens one’s core muscles.

Sadly, there are no studies around the benefits of yoga for cats, however, if they aren’t running away from participants, then that just has to be a good sign. Purring helps too.
As with any exercise craze, the jury is still out on whether this class may end up landing in all the top fitness gyms across North America, but at the end of the day, it does seem to be a good thing for the community in Marietta, the cats in the shelter, and the Good Mews organization as a whole.





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