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Celebrities Dealing With Shingles


Shingles is an extremely painful almost debilitating rash that is reactivated due to stress. It’s the virus that causes chickenpox that lives dormant in your body. It can be re-activated at any time but most often stress is the cause of it. It’s most common in people over the age of 50 but that’s not even the case anymore. Nowadays due to stress levels of our new generations people are getting shingles younger when it used to just be a disease of the elderly. Getting shingles can be a painful thing to live through but it’s downright unbearable for elderly people. It is a widespread condition that affects over 1 million Americans every single year. Shingles attack during times of extreme stress. The chickenpox virus is always in your body lying dormant.

Shingles is often a debilitating virus as it can be very painful to the point where some people have been unable to work or even leave their bed. But you aren’t alone experiencing them. Many celebrities have also experienced shingles and have spoken candidly on their experiences.


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