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Is Your Child Able To Get The Mental Health Expertise They Deserve On College Campuses?


Sending your son or daughter off to college is a very emotional process; it can be extremely sad to realize that they are growing up and moving on with their adulthood, and it can be very scary as well to have to leet them go and trust in the campus to serve them well. Drinking excessively, or getting poor grades can be the biggest threats for most parents, but what you may not place high on the list is the great need they may have along the journey for mental health guidance. And you’re not alone in this. Millions of parents don’t consider the massive changes that occur during the college transition, from trying to combat social pressures to just fit in, to the academic stress, to living on their own for the first time can all be daunting to long adults attending that freshman year. This is why it is just imperative to have somewhere or someone to go talk to if anything should arise while getting through those busy years.

Some medical experts are referring to the lack of mental health available on campus as a crisis. a symposium is actually being put in the works to be held soon in Washington by the ACHA, or American College Health Association. A recent study on NBC 12 news depicted that some 30% of students in need of these types of services such as anxiety, depression, addiction, or to prevent suicide. The study revealed that an increase of 17% of students sought after help in these areas on campuses, which definitely speaks to the growing need for services nationwide.

Professionals in the industry recommend that university campuses provide workshops on topics such as coping with anxiety to offer these pivotal resources to students. In doing so, they can not only give mental health knowledge to them, but also put them into groups where they can befriend their peers that may be experiencing some the same challenges. It’s a win-win for all involved, so provide any tips, and encourage your students to utilize those resources on campus if they ever feel the need.





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