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Is Your Child Developing Acne At An Early Age?


No one wants to relive those teenage years where your body was trying to manage the immense hormonal imbalance you were experiencing from acne, to weight gain, to facial hair coming in strong, but everyone has to go through it. While this part of life is unavoidable and it seems to be happening for millions of kids at a much younger age than usual.

We don’t want our children to grow up too fast, and in 2019 it seems that is exactly what’s occurring. From kids having a smartphone in grammar school, to going through puberty earlier than ever, it seems to be inescapable. With this comes acne as one of the major side effects of early onset puberty, and it can be too much for a younger child to understand or even treat on their own. Experts believe some reasons as to why this is occurring are down to childhood obesity, and other various environmental factors. Obesity for example, can often lead to acne purely due to extra fat having the ability to synthesize estrogen resulting in jumpstarting puberty and skin challenges for younger kids.

According to a recent article in the iAfrica website, it is strongly recommended that parents get involved helping their children help fighting acne. It can lead to more complex challenges such as depression, low self esteem, and even give other children something to bully your child about in school. All things that are totally avoidable if you treat your child’s acne either with at home products, or by visiting a dermatologist to get them the best possible outcome. You may be thinking that having a few pimples doesn’t warrant a visit to a specialist like a dermatologist, but ask your son or daughter how important it is to them to clear up their skin.

Most would ask for the help as it can be a lot to manage for a younger child under the age of 13 dealing with early acne challenges. If all it takes is a cream, or a face wash to get them back to their beautiful skin and being able to have their confidence back to hang out with their peers, then perhaps it is time to explore some acne treatment options. Most adults cherish those years before they were teenagers and you want your children to thoroughly enjoy theirs as once they’re gone you can never get that time back. Speak with your child today about their skin and gauge their opinion on the matter working together to form an action plan that works for you both to clear their skin up.





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