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Is Your Child Not Getting Enough Attention at Their Annual Check Ups?


You wait all year for it. Your child’s annual pediatric appointment, and you have so many questions to ask! The issue is, you’ll only get about 9 minutes to spit all those inquires out and get some answers. A large amount of parents are complaining about the time allotted they get from their child’s pediatrician to review their development during these yearly checkups.

It’s definitely discouraging, especially if you happen to be a self-pay patient, as you could be shelling out anywhere from $50 to upwards of $200 just for a super quick visit with a doctor. That’s a lot of money for a 10 minute visit and someone taking your son or daughter’s weight and height; things that you could do at home to track their progress for free. Do you just stop going to the pediatrician? Of course not, as your child will continue to require vaccinations the longer they are enrolled in a school setting. The trick is to go into the appointment with a plan in place so that you can make the most out of your time while there.

Fox News Reports the following helpful tips:

  • Make a quick list of questions. This can be your go-to guide for how the discussion can play out, and you can even write down the responses from your doctor.
  • Make an agenda. Outline your list of questions so that in the event that you are rushed through the appointment, you can still get your most important inquiries out to the doctor. Decide ahead of time what info you desperately need to gain from the pediatrician, then depending on the time limit, get through as many of your questions as possible.
  • Get someone else to watch you’re other children if they aren’t involved in the pediatric appointment. May seem excessive, but if you have a list of topics to touch base on with the physician, and you brought your very talkative and curious 1 year old to the visit, you may end up using up all of your doc time on talking to the baby instead of what really matters.

If by chance you have a topic that will require a lot of discussion or you need to fill the doctor in about progress or a serious issue, experts say it is best to send them a letter to their office so that they have adequate time to review your situation.





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