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Does Your Child Really Need Their Tonsils Out?


Do you have a child that frequently develops a sore throat or infections? If so, that child may be an ideal candidate for a tonsil removal surgery. These procedures are so common now that it seems as if every year another child you know at school, or within the family is having it done right? Well, even though the surgery is considered to be extremely common and safe there are those that are totally against the whole idea.

Why would someone be against removing tonsils from a little one that seems to need it? For a slew of reasons, such as the story of the girl in California that recently passed away after her procedure. Post News Group reported that Jahi McMath was a 13 year old that went in for a routine procedure, and ended up suffering from uncommon symptoms that took a terrible turn for the worst. After her surgery she started to cough up blood, and by the evening her heart had actually stopped. Within two days she was brain dead, which as you can imagine came as a totally tragic shock to her Mother, Nailah Winkfield.

While Jahi’s story isn’t the norm, it is one of those rare, one off medical situations where the patient’s outcome is tragic. The pending issue is that many parents learn of these rare occasions and decide they are totally against their child having any type of surgery that isn’t 100% mandatory for fear that the absolute worst scenario will occur with their child. All very reasonable, but there are also children that can develop sleep apnea from not having their tonsils/adenoids addressed by a surgeon, and that outcome can also turn horrifying in rare situations.

The other argument for surgery is that the older the patient gets with tonsillectomies, the harder it is to remove for the surgeon down the line. The surgery itself becomes more challenging the older you are, and for that reason it is always advised to perform the procedure as early as possible. The best practice is to weigh the cons and pros with your physician and make an informed decision. The situation will differ on a case to case basis, but if you or your child do routinely suffer from challenges with the tonsils then it may be time to consider having them removed.





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