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Children Are Developing Fatty Liver Disease From Using Sweeteners


Let’s face it, in 2017, kids no longer eat like they once did at home. Some children reside in households where the parents eat well, so they too consume organic, fresh foods on a regular basis. On the flip side of that, there are also little ones that reside in a household where perhaps a single parent is raising them that may work multiple jobs, and don’t have the time to prepare fresh meals three times a day for their children. This often leads to kids grabbing whatever they can find in a pantry, which could likely be a Pop Tart, or cookies, or anything loaded with sweeteners. Not the best choices for dinner or lunch, but when you’re home alone, you make the best of it.

The popular sweeteners utilized in sodas, cakes, and ice cream (among other foods) are being found guilty of fueling a potentially fatal liver disease problem, according to a new article published on the Daily Mail.

Experts are warning that fructose, which is noted as the most fatal type of sugar, is more damaging to the human body than glucose. Scientists are explaining that this is due to it triggering the liver condition, which can potentially result in cancer, strokes, or cardiac challenges later in life. Research is showing that currently one in every four children is living with clinical obesity, all by the ripe age of 15. Another startling fact advised by the same article, is that one in every ten children reported now have liver disease. Which is something no parents ever even heard of happening back in the 50’s to 80’s. Now, it seems as if our children are more medicated than ever with prescription drugs, and fighting off illnesses that past generations never came close to developing. All due to poor dieting most doctors would agree, so what can you do to avoid your child developing a liver issue?

Start by making sure that they have healthy snacks laying around, and that doesn’t have to be an expensive task. Cut up carrots or celery and leave it in the fridge for them to have after school, or fresh fruits on the counter. Meal plan if need be on a night where you have the time to prepare and freeze some healthy dinner options that can just be thrown into the oven or crockpot to make for easy meal times during a busy school or work week. Don’t even purchase things that are problematic for your child’s health if it seems like a nonstop issue, like sodas, candy, or sugar filled fruit snacks. If they aren’t in the house, the child won’t be tempted to eat unhealthy choices. Remember that kids often mimic their parents, so if you show them the path to healthy eating, they’ll follow suit without much resistance.





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