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How Does Your Child’s School Cafeteria Rank in Food Safety?


Each morning you quickly rush your son or daughter out the door to catch the school bus on time, never for one second thinking that their health may be in jeopardy. Sure, there are tons of risks associated with kids attending school like bullying from other children, or falling at recess playtime, but how many parents actually put any thought into the risks associated with their kids consuming the school lunches offered every day?

School lunches have had a massive overhaul in the past few decades, and not in a positive direction. Back in the 1980’s, many children could be offered an assortment of vegetables and fruits, along with a healthy protein, and have some sort of well-balanced lunch. Long gone are those days, as now kids are dining on nachos saturated in processed cheese, or eating a lunch that comes out of a vending machine full of candies and sugary sodas.

Not only are schools not providing very nutritious lunch selections any longer, but they also have been in the news lately for not maintaining safety and health code standards in cafeterias. PIX 11 reported that city health inspectors for instance have just cited a school district in Manhattan, New York for finding mice droppings in the cafeteria and floor where tons of children sit everyday to eat their lunches. Pretty scary stuff from a parental standpoint.

Look into how your child’s school ranks in safety by researching it online to find their inspection scores. Practice safe hand washing skills with your children, and perhaps even pack their lunches at home to avoid any contamination from the food being served inside the school lunch rooms.





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