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Are Your Child’s Sippy Cups Making Them Sick?


It’s an adorable age range when you can hand a sippy cup to your little one, and off they go happy and gulping away! We always assume that we’re doing the right thing by helping our children toss the baby bottles and swap them out for the coveted sippy cup, but could they possibly be making your child sick?

There are actually several reasons this could be occurring, such as how you clean the cup. This seems like a no brainer, but you would be surprised at how many kids end up drinking out of a cup that has not been properly sanitized. How does this happen? It’s easy if you have an older child that does the dishes, or perhaps you assumed the dishwasher would do the trick. Not everyone realizes that they have to pull apart the inside of the cup and wash all the parts separately as drink residue gets built up in there and it can not only be gross for the child to drink it by accident, but they can get sick as a result. Little ones can also leave cups randomly behind under the bed, sofa, or in a toy box without you even knowing, then low and behold they find it a week later and drink spoiled milk. Yucky to think about, but it happens!

The best way to steer clear of this happening to your toddler is to wash each cup by taking it totally apart, and either using the dishwasher or washing it by hand. It’s also been widely exposed that many cups and bottles contain BPA, which is quite harmful for kids so you do want to look for BPA free options as much as possible.The team at Wellness Mama created a wonderful list of healthy alternatives worth checking out to keep your babies and toddlers safe!





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