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China Putting an End to Teenage Internet Addiction


China is no stranger to having strong feelings about how they desire their citizens to live their lives, and when it comes to people being so incredibly consumed with their smartphones, they have come up with a plan to keep kids somewhat still in the real world.

Newsmax reports that the Chinese have declared a national health crisis with their youth being so obsessed with the internet. They feel that once the children have been using the internet for copious amounts of time that it totally distorts their frame of reality. It appears that the real world is actually not reality, and begins to prevent a normal social growth. With these concerns growing, the Chinese government has created a rehabilitation program entitled “Daxing Boot Camp” which encompasses treatment for an internet addiction.

The Daxing program will offer services for teenagers between the ages of 13-18. The kids are then completely isolated from media and must remain under strict supervision whilst they endure various therapies, imaging diagnostics, and engage in physical fitness routines.

This is by no means only an issue for the Chinese youth, as you can imagine it is a growing concern for parents and educators on a global scale. American kids could by far even have a much worse problem on their hands when you combine their internet addiction along with the poor diets so many children in the states consume on a daily basis. Sucking down sodas and eating tons of processed foods whilst all eyes are stuck in a trans on their screens all day long is doing nothing for their growth and development. Social skills are way behind what they once were with more children on anxiety medications than ever before across the globe. When a child only has to communicate through texts or emails, they lose sight of how to communicate with others in person. Going on job interviews for example, is not an easy task when you have never been trained properly to have conversations face to face with someone.

It’s a big catch twenty-two the internet; we can use it as a such a profound resource for a zillion things, and it can be a great vehicle for education for millions of kids, but it can also be so addicting that kids no longer play outside, get out into the real world, or continue to develop their people skills. It will come as no surprise if these types of internet rehabilitation programs gain popularity all over the globe, and we begin to see other programs being implemented in cities all over.





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