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Do You Close Your Bedroom Door At Nights?


Ask any parent, new or otherwise, as to whether or not they close their bedroom door before they hit the sack, and the answer is most likely ‘no’. Whether it’s the fact that they want to be able to hear their little ones if they are needed in the middle of the night, or simply habit over the years, most of us keep our doors open before we jump into bed.

In an interesting turn of events, experts are now piping up, stating that bedrooms doors should be closed before heading to sleep. Why? Well, if a fire erupts in the middle of the night, keeping your door shut could save your life.

In fact, Valley News Live advised that when it comes to how much time you need to get out of a house, should it be ablaze, it is a mere three minutes. Anyone needs to point to last season’s This is Us episode that exposed how Kate, Kevin, and Randall’s dad died, to realize that poor Jack never had a chance when he ran back into the Pearson household to grab the family dog.

And, if you have your door closed while a fire has erupted in your home, you certainly do buy some time.

Dan Fuller, West Fargo Fire Chief chimed in on this idea by stating there is a 900-degree difference from an area that is involved in the fire, versus the area behind the closed door. To boot, Fuller stated that there use to be a 17-minute time interval to get out of a burning house; however, thanks to new building materials (i.e. synthetics versus good old-fashioned wood) and open concepts when it comes to floor plans, this time has decreased significantly.
Despite the idea that closing your door does mean you shut yourself off from the rest of the household in terms of a fire, it is a safer option, as it buys you more time to get out of the house.

Additionally, ensure to get in the habit of not only closing your door at night, but your kids’ as well. Also check carbon monoxide and smoke detectors regularly and ensure you have a family escape plan. All these things can help families should a fire emergency ever strike.





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