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Coffee No Longer Considered to be A Dangerous Carcinogen


Everyone adores their morning cup of coffee, or even their afternoon or evening pick me up cup, but for many years it has always been considered an unhealthy beverage and one to keep at a minimum. Not only does coffee suffer from a poor reputation as a result of having caffeine, but it also was once proclaimed as a carcinogen that could very well after prolonged consumption, lead to various forms of cancer development. Some coffee lovers after hearing that news decided to totally ward off their coffee addictions, as it was just too much of a risk to take for a tiny energy jolt. That was, until now. The well respected World Health Organization recently took coffee off of the list of carcinogens after it was on there for many years as a risk for bladder cancer development. After 25 years of being terrified to enjoy that caramel latte, you can finally sip away with confidence that you aren’t contributing to your own possible cancer growth.

The news gets better from there, as coffee has also been mentioned in other cancer dangers such as liver and uterine versions and is now no longer a threat in those capacities either. The WHO has gone on to further explain why the sudden change in the coffee links, and it appears that back when the beverage was initially placed on the list in the early 1990’s many of the patients that were used in coffee studies also were smokers. It’s no secret that smoking has a direct link to causing all sorts of cancers, and as a result, the organization just doesn’t feel there has been enough pertinent evidence from nonsmoking coffee drinkers to depict coffee alone was a truly proven risk.

The Wall Street Journal reported that no one should consume too many caffeinated drinks over the course of a day, and to practice moderation, but there have been thousands of people that totally cut coffee out of their diets after hearing of the previous cancer risks. So get outside, take a refreshing walk, and enjoy a delicious latte!


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