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Is Coffee Really Good for You?


It seems completely ridiculous to even attempt to deem coffee as being “good for you”, right? Perhaps we have all be lied to all these years. Many moons ago parents wouldn’t dare give a child a sip of coffee, let alone a cup of their favorite flavor from the local Starbucks, which is all too common today. We were all advised it had too much caffeine; that it would prevent kids from growing properly, and if you add sugar and milk it’s even all the worse for children and adults.

Surprisingly, there have been over 35 studies conducted where a whopping 1,270,000 participants were involved all in the name of researching their coffee habits and their health. The results may surprise you; showing those that downed at least three cups of coffee a day had no higher risks associated with their health than those who consumed zero cups of coffee! Pretty shocking.

Let’s take into consideration the actual types of coffees that were utilized in these studies. For example, you can’t presume the mocha-choco-lattes you’re sipping during your morning commute are definitely excluded from the study. This is the average black coffee, or a small one with maybe one cream/one sugar. Nothing fancy here. The regular, everyday coffee is not going to give you a stroke, or increase your risk for any cardiac ailment either. As the research shows, only those that consumed over ten cups of coffee per day (who actually drinks that much coffee?) were ever in jeopardy of harming their hearts.

Of course, no one is going to recommend downing copious amounts of coffee, however it isn’t as scary or daunting now going for that second midday cup of Joe. Drinking a moderate amount of coffee each day has been noted to actually lower cardiovascular diseases of all sorts, according to the New York Times recent piece depicting these studies.

The downsides to drinking coffee repeatedly, are more geared toward cancer risk; which is no joking matter.  Again, research tends to confuse us with this. A study conducted in 2007 linked drinking coffee, even as much as two cups per day could result in lowering liver cancer risks by over 40%. That’s quite a perk from your morning energy dose. As with anything, moderation is crucial. Know your body, and always follow any diet guidelines your medical team has already put in place.





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