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Is Your Computer Time Hobby Causing You Neck Pain?


Over the past ten years, the number of people that work on computers has exploded. Add iPads, smartphones, and other devices that you spend a massive amount of free time using, and doctors report that it can be the culprit for your neck pain.

Perhaps you’re reading this article on a laptop right now, take a look at your body position…are you using the computer with your head slightly shifted forward, or even down a bit? It’s this positioning that can lead to a severe pain in the neck! Statistic show that your head can typically weigh anywhere from 8-10 pounds, and when you position that weight forward, it results in additional work for your spine to uphold. Say for instance, you are sitting on the sofa, and your iPad is on your lap, experts are advising that at that point, your neck is now trying to hold up 20-30 pounds versus the much lighter, 8-10 pounds that your head weighs without the stressful positional strains.

It doesn’t take a long time of repeated behaviors like this even just for a little time each day before the patient begins to report aches and pains in their neck. If you work in a position like this on a daily basis for several hours per day, it can lead to changing the curvature of the neck, which doctors are now referring to as “tech neck”.

As WSAW-TV reported, it doesn’t always end at neck pain either, as many physicians are reporting their neck pain patients are also beginning to suffer from additional health conditions such as headaches, asthma, and balance complications. You can see how merely using your iPhone for an hour surfing social media, or reading on a Kindle could cause some havoc on your body.

Experts are strongly advising using modifications to control the position of your neck if pain is starting to occur. There are small shelves for instance that you can set your computer on to prevent poor body positioning, or try laying in a more comfortable fashion while using your smart devices if possible to avoid putting that added pressure on your neck and spine. Urge your children to do the same, to avoid having your child suffer through neck pain at an very early age.





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