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Should I Be Concerned About My Teen Using A Vape Pen?


In short, the answer to this vaping question is yes, yes you should be concerned if your teenager is frequently using a vape pen. While it may appear to be less harmful on the surface than the traditional cigarettes, experts are now weighing in that our youth have the opportunity to mix and match various other drugs and smoke them via their pen. Then, there’s the harsh reality that the vaping trend hasn’t been around long enough to even thoroughly study how it could be harmful to those who smoke daily.

Vape pens really make the whole smoking trend much easier to hide from your parents than attempting to mask the smell that regular cigarettes left on your clothes, hair, and breath. Many teens use the pens with all sorts of combinations of drugs and the parents have no way of really knowing their using. Marijuana for instance, is commonly used in the cartridges. Then there’s the higher level of potency that these vape pens can offer the user that can be a a dangerous combination to a child. revealed that the vaping pen cartridges often possess 75-80% THC. These THC amounts in plant marijuana typically are in a normal range of 15-24% which is telling a massive climb in the high that kids can achieve from using these vaping cartridges. As a parent you have to wonder about not only the nicotine your child could be using in addition to the chemicals that are used to flavor the cartridges. AS time goes on there will be more evidence to show how harmful these chemical can be to teens.

As a best practice it’s urged that parents speak with their children about how dangerous starting a vape pen habit can truly be, and offer them some science behind what it can do to their bodies. Their lungs, their dental health, and everything that can be affected by vaping. It can also get them into a world of trouble if caught with the devices on school campuses, which is something no one wants to fend off while trying to graduate high school. If you feel you may need a helping hand with the topic, schedule an appointment with your family doctor to help you review these points with your teenager.





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