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Confirmed Dog Flu Cases Are Popping Up In Kentucky


You might be wondering, “What is a dog flu?”, and just as humans develop the flu virus, your furry friends can also become extremely sick. The dog flu has just confirmed to have spread to the Kentucky area, with 3 confirmed cases just in the Louisville area alone. They’ve reported there are additionally 20 cases that are still unconfirmed, and sadly, one death from the epidemic.

Vets are reporting that the illness is being transferred via shelters, boarding facilities, groomers, and from frequenting local dog parks. The condition is usually prevalent in larger cities, but as of recent, has been popping up all over the place, even in the smallest of towns. The best part of containing any disease is knowledge and prevention. Two very big challenges with this epidemic, as vets are advising that millions of dog owners still aren’t aware of the canine virus. Recognizing the symptoms can often be the best way to save your dog from getting any worse, or tragically, passing away as a result of the flu.

Symptoms are basically what one would identify with the human flu virus during the winter months. If you begin to notice that your dog is suffering from nasal congestion, sneezing, or coughing, please get them to their vet immediately. While antibiotics can help, the flu can quickly develop into pneumonia, which is extremely hard to combat for any dog. If not diagnosed early enough, and you happen to have multiple dogs living in the same house, they can spread it back and forth to one another. Another interesting fact about the dog flu is that many dogs do not display many symptoms, which can be very dangerous for sure.

How can you save your pet from this horrible illness? Just as humans get vaccinated for the flu, you can take your dog to be vaccinated for the flu as well. The team at WDRB advised that various clinics pop up in most major cities, that offer the shots at discounted prices, and of course, the local vet’s office can certainly provide the vaccine.





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