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Once-Conjoined Twins Finally Go Home After Separation Surgery


The once-conjoined McDonald twins, Anias and Jadon, have finally returned home recently after a long separation surgery that took place last October. Their physical therapists are thrilled with their progress and have stated that the two now heading home is their initial step in a wonderful life.

The twin boys pushed through a long and tedious journey, that found them staying at the Blythedale Children’s Hospital for nine months, participating in therapy and fighting off infections that had them landing in the ICU.

Parents of the twins, Christian and Nicole McDonald were thrilled to have their boys finally at home. As mom Nicole stated, she couldn’t believe that they are finally going to be a family and have everyone in the same spot, together. The couple also have a four-year-old son. The twins were only 13 months when the 27-hour separation surgery took place. As of September 9th, they will be two years old.

While CNN reported the good news being that the boys are at home and healthy, the unfortunate news is that the surgery has delayed them developmentally. Still, Jadon is progressing very well, where he’s started to pull himself up on furniture and walk sideways. Anias has struggled quite a bit, both before and post-surgery; he was the weaker of the two when the boys were conjoined. Anias is currently fed by a feeding pump and still needs assistance to breath, via a breathing machine, when asleep. Still, he is making progress, much like Jadon; Anias can roll and pull himself up into a sitting position. Anias also has started favoring his right hand just as much as the left, which is a great sign since he had not use of that right side. Much like some other toddlers he says, ‘uh-oh’ cutely at times, and when his mom finishes a book he relays, ‘the end’. Too sweet for words!

A Blythedale physical therapist that has worked with Anias, Maureen Carroll, has commented that she is quite happy with the toddler’s progression. As she noted, he’s now actively engaged in 45-minute sessions, which use to be one or two minutes at first. He is also no longer afraid of people as he used to be.

While the twins are now officially separated and doing well, the even better news is the entire family can finally start their lives and enter a new chapter … together.





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