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Connection Between More Sex And More Sleep


Married couples often cite ‘being too tired’ when it comes to having enough sex in their relationship. Makes sense: between jobs, the demands of kids, sports activities and so much more – it all can take a toll on any couple.

As per a recent study, females 50 years of age and plus who get less than seven hours of shut-eye each night have a decreased chance of being as sexually active as those in their age group who get more sleep. Past research has also indicated that males who deal with sleep apnea also have less sex, most likely due to the fact that less amounts of testosterone are produced. It seems that sleep apnea also increases the chances of cardiovascular issues, which may also be linked to issue in the bedroom.

Interesting enough, while lack of sleep decreases sexual activity, another study revealed that more sleep can help increase that desire. Research conducted around sex and sleep when it came to college students found that each additional hour that was dedicated to shut-eye was linked to a greater desire around sex, with a 14 percent increase that they would get it on the next day as a result. Which it completely understandable! Sleep makes you feel good, gives you energy, and apparently makes you a little frisky too!

Stress, a healthy diet, and physical activities are also factors when it comes to sex and interest in the act; alas, sleep is also a huge element in all this.

Alternatively, CNN advises that more sex can also help with sleep. Much like the ways that sleep relaxes and calms an individual, sex does the same and can help anyone fall asleep easier. That stereotype of males snoozing after sex … well, this might not be just a stereotype … for men or women alike.

Still, if you aren’t sleeping well and you and your partner are not partaking in the act, does it become a vicious cycle? At what point in the entire scenario … what comes first … the lack of sleep or the lack of sex?

If there are issues, individuals may want to work on sleep habits first. Try and avoid technological gadgets like tablets and smartphones, as well as T.V., before bed. Ensure your bed, pillows, and blankets are suited to your comfort. Also heading to bed at a decent time to allot hours an adult requires for a healthy night’s sleep is a must, with the recommendation being nine to seven hours.

When it comes to sex, as unromantic as this seems, ensure you are taking time out for your partner … even it means scheduling a time. As well, if you find yourself ‘too tired’ to engage in any sexual activities, as the old Nike slogan says, ‘Just Do It’. If nothing else, at least you know you’ll get a good sleep afterwards!





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