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Coronavirus Update: Global Death Toll & New Cases Increase

According to a recent report, the coronavirus has now spread to over 60 countries worldwide, affect every continent, except for Antarctica. Approximately 88,000 currently have the illness across the world, with a death toll of 3,000. It’s important to note that while most of the mortalities have been in China, close to 140 cases that have resulted in death have occurred outside of that country.

Just this past weekend, two deaths emerged in the U.S., coming from Washington state, and America’s numbers have now reached 89 cases of the virus (from 65 a mere two days ago) in total, with some “pending” positives that could come out of Florida. Approximately 24 new cases have emerged in the U.S. as of this report, with five new ones from California. Ten states are now reporting coronavirus cases, which include Massachusetts, Illinois, Arizona, Wisconsin, Rhode Island, New York, as well as Florida, Washington, and California (as listed above).

Just this past Sunday, officials in Washington state hurried to contain a potential coronavirus outbreak in a Kirkland nursing home. The second death in Washington state was one of four patients with the virus linked to that facility, bringing the total cases connected to the home up to six. Over 50 staff and residents of the nursing home are said to have COVID-19 symptoms, and will be tested. According to a report, there are 180 employees of the home, and 108 residents.

This past Saturday, President Donald Trump issued out travel restrictions to three countries that are struggling with COVID-19 outbreaks.

On Saturday, the Trump administration placed travel restrictions on three foreign countries that are battling COVID-19 outbreaks: Iran, South Korea, and Italy.

Iran currently has the 2nd largest death toll for the virus worldwide (with China being number one), and has reported over 1,500 cases and 66 deaths, including Iran’s ayatollah’s senior advisor, Mohammad Mirmohammadi. At 71 years of age, he was part of Ayatollah Ali Khamenei’s Expediency Council; in fact, a hand full of leaders within Iran reportedly have the virus, which includes the country’s vice president. A World Health Organization (WHO) team is headed to Tehran to look at the measures conducted to fight this outbreak, and offer guidance.

While Iran is second in deaths, Italy has more coronavirus cases reported, with 1,700. Their death toll is at 34, and there was a significant increase in cases this past weekend. South Korea is also a nation that is struggling with coronavirus, and has seen a tremendous increase in cases as of late, with 4,300 reported and 26 mortalities.

Regions worldwide have started to cancel events and close schools to prevent spread. In fact, Paris’ Louvre museum stays closed as France has confirmed 100 cases of coronavirus.

Additionally, this past Friday, Nigeria reported its first case of virus in sub-Saharan Africa; a contractor from Italy who contracted the illness when he returned to his place of work, just north of Lagos.

As well on Friday, the WHO raised its risk assessment of the virus to “very high”.