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COVID-19: Hawaii Resets Pre-screening Plan For Tourists

Sadly, the travel industry has taken a real hit since the pandemic has occurred, and many regions across the world are suffering the repercussions. Many are also looking into safe and secure ways to allow tourists to enter the country, not only to make travelers feel safe, but residents, as well. 

Hawaii has been in thing predicament, and starting October 15th, travelers heading there from outside the state will be given the okay to bypass the quarantine requirement of 14days, as long as they test negative for COVID-19.

Hawaii’s governor, David Ige, recently stated that tourists will be required to take a COVID-19 test within 72 hours before the flight arriving in the state. Ige noted that healthcare provider Kaiser Permanente and drug store operator CVS will conduct these tests.

This is the third go for Hawaii when it comes to COVID-19 travel pre-screening. The state has delayed it twice due to a spike within the mainland of the United States, as well as in Hawaii itself. 

Leaders are hopeful that this pre-screen testing will encourage travelers to return to Hawaii, while also attempting to keep residents healthy and safe, too. The state thrives on tourism traffic, and the state has plummeted over 90 percent amidst the novel coronavirus pandemic. As a result, hundreds of tourist-related establishments have closed, placing many out of work.

Added COVID-19 Updates:

  • Eli Lilly relayed that an antibody study offers hope for patients of COVID-19
  • The United Kingdom plans on rationing testing, amongst some failures
  • The American government has released a sweeping plan around COVID-19 vaccine distribution, making it available (and free) to all U.S. residents, when a safe and effective shot is approved
  • The Minister of Health for South Africa stated that approximately 12 million individuals have most likely been infected with the virus. That is over 20 percent of the population, which is currently at 58 million 
  • Football’s Big Ten Conference will occur in the fall, after all. The league went back on its decision to delay the season to the spring when pushback was received from coaches, parents, and lawmakers