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COVID-19 Testing Rates Play A Key Role In Understanding Pandemic


The numbers keep rising every day, as COVID-19 cases continue to pop-up all across Canada. While it is challenging to know the exact number all over the country, as not everyone is getting tested and reports do indicate that some individuals with COVID-19 might not show any symptoms at all, there is still data available that can help add some insight on how the virus is spreading across the country.

As per numbers, it seems as if those between the ages of 50 and 70 are likelier to receive a COVID-19 diagnosis, while individuals under the age of 19 have a lowered risk around contracting the illness. With that said, it’s important to note that the data held currently only reflects about half COVID-19 diagnosis across Canada.

In other news related to the coronavirus and Canada, as it stands, Quebec seems to have the highest rates around positive COVID-19 tests, and has far more cases when you relate the date around the province’s population. With that said, each province has differing testing rates; therefore, the more you test, the more positive cases will pop up.

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), positive rates of testing should stand at around 10% to 12%, which provides a sign of not only vigilant testing around COVID-19, but also means that there is a good system in place around tracking the virus.

Some positive news for Canada, is that each of the country’s jurisdictions are doing a better job than the rate above, offered by WHO. With that said, while Quebec, as well as Newfoundland and Labrador, lead Canada when it comes to positive rates and testing, there is some distance from Ontario; however, the province has ramped this up in recent days.

Down the line when it comes to testing is Western Canada, then the territories. There is currently no data for the territory of Nunavut.

While the cases do continue to increase, and Canadians are filtered more information about this novel virus and how to avoid spread, the country does seem to remain behind the curve when compared to other nations around the world that struggle to contain COVID-19, and death toll rates. As most are already aware, Italy has been hit hard. Experts weigh in on the main difference between that nation and Canada, is their heightened elderly population, and the fact that the country had far less time and warning to prepare for coronavirus pandemic.






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