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Cranked Up Music In Workout Classes … Is It Bad For You?


Attending workout classes is a great exercise option for some. It holds you accountable to your fitness routine, allows you to socialize, and can push you to your physical limits.

But, what about the loud music that is played within these classes? Can they be harmful to an individual’s ears?

According to the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Healthy, an adult can safely handle no more than 85 decibels of noise for eight hours daily, with the maximum time decreasing at a fast rate the louder noise rises. An example of this would be the idea that an adult can handle 94 decibels of noise for about an hour until it turns damaging to their hearing.

Interestingly enough, as per a recent study, the music played in some fitness classes can hit 99 decibels.

The good news is that most exercise classes are about an hour or less, which means you can still head to your favorite class without worrying about your hearing. Still, should you notice any buzzing or ringing in your ears, you may consider wearing earplugs to avoid any permanent or long-term hearing damage. Earplugs will allow you to still listen the jam and get pumped up, without causing harm to your ears. Some gyms do offer free earplugs at their front desk or you can always pick up a cheap pair at the pharmacy and have them in your gym bag, just in case. reported that it’s important to note: watch the volume on your own device when working out independently or simply singing away to tunes on your head phones. The general rule of thumb is that if someone close by can hear what you are listening to, then the volume is too loud, and you are risking damage to your ears.

Using music to stay motivated while working out is something most people do. However, in an effort to keep your muscles healthy and fitness levels high, don’t forget to protect your ears and hearing as well.





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