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“Crawling” May Be The New Fitness Rage


A primary responsibly for any parent out there is to guide and teach their children of the world around them. We work hard to help them with their ABCs, feeding themselves, and to helping them along when it comes to those first steps around crawling and walking.

It seems though, more often than not, children can also help guide their parents in the right direction. And this idea has never run more true than with a recent exercise that is blowing up in the fitness world.

“Crawling” seems to be the rage in fitness trends as of late, led by Original Strength, a training system that aims to reset an individual’s central nervous system via original mobility movements done as a babe. As per the organization, when one partakes in crawling, they exercise their vestibular system, one that linked to spatial orientation and balance.

A Washington chiropractor and CEO of Got Your Back Total Health chimed in on the crawling fitness craze, as he relates the activity to resetting a person’s central loop within their nervous system to bring together all areas involved in movement, coordination, and reflexive stability. He adds, one partaking in this exercise has to work to keep their heads up and breathe while crawling and staying within the pattern. He adds that if one is being mindful within the exercise, it may be harder than it seems. Klein also encourages this activity to patients that range from those who have been injured in vehicle accidents to professional athletes.

Still, Dr. Scott Simpson, Stony Brook University School of Medicine, has also stated that studies are needed around supporting the scientific idea related to the ‘reset’ and central nervous system aspect to crawling. He adds that he has not heard of ‘crawling’ as exercise until now, but did state that the benefits in this type of physical activity lies within the fact that it is an efficient exercise. This is based on the positioning of the exercise and the need to contract your abdomen when you push back on core muscles as you move. He does add that it might not be an ideal exercise for those with knee issues.

CNN reported that Jacque Crockford of the American Council on Exercise further adds that those with neck, shoulder, or wrist issues should also refrain from this form of fitness. However, she does also state that exercise would be beneficial for balance and core muscles.

And while this recent fitness trend may seem new, Jaclyn Emerick from Shape magazine states that she has seen it before, but it had a different title back then. She adds that Equinox fitness clubs offered an Animal Flow class in 2012 where individuals would crawl around a gym like, well, animals!

Wondering if this looks any different than crawling around a gym like babies?





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