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Is Creatine Safe to Give Kids Involved in Youth Sports?


The days of kids being kids and just playing sports with their peers for the fun of it are significantly changing in 2016. Kids now want to be the next big thing, and it’s a common goal with so many professional athletes now earning millions and living the dream life. The added layer of parents becoming so driven to help their child can often lead to a lot of unconventional methods of training, such as taking creatine.

Creatine is a common supplement taken by bodybuilders, and professional athletes, but should it be taken by those under the age of 18? Creatine is already in your body in the vertebrates and essentially is used for providing energy to the cells all over the body, but mostly to muscles. It’s a nitrogenous organic acid that has been known to produce explosive muscular ability in athletes, along with helping grow muscles fast.

The health supplement has been associated with kidney, renal, and liver difficulties in some cases. In a few studies creatine has also been shown to cause asthmatic symptoms flare up for those that have suffered from asthma in previous years. Even with all of these listed risks, for those who have taken oral creatine supplements that you can find at any local health or vitamin store have been successfully able to take it without any adverse reactions.

The tricky part comes into play when parents of rock star athletes want to administer the supplement to their kids to increase size, mass, strength, and energy. CBS News advised that this supplement isn’t the only thing that kids are taking to achieve their athletic goals, as experts and doctors are reporting seeing an increase in teen patients that have been taking steroids and dietary supplements in a dangerous way to cut weight for sports such as wrestling, or to add on bulk for ones such as football.

It’s important for parents to always inquire with their child’s pediatrician about whether or not supplements are healthy for their son or daughter to be consuming before ever giving it to them. A few rare cases have sadly ended fatally, and there have’t been many like this, but one kid is too many. Dietary changes such as eating a lot of protein and vegetables the old fashioned way has never stopped being a tried and true method that some parents just feel more comfortable using with their kids.





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