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Why CrossFit May Be Just What The Doctor Ordered For Moms


Ok, maybe you’re one of many that think CrossFit is like a cult, or too hard, or not something you would ever be inclined to try out, but read on…

Crossfit is the fitness regimen that works the entire body, through various exercises using moves from a multitude of sports in a high intensity pace. It has proved itself against the critics over the years who doubted the workouts really were safe or effective. If anything, it seems to breed not only a svelte body, but self confidence that you never thought you’d have.

What makes CrossFit something that would be a wonderful fit for Moms in particular? Because you can mix it up around whatever life throws at you that particular day being a Super-Mom! You can cycle, jump rope, lift weights, go for a run, get in the water for a row or swim, and so forth. The possibilities are limitless!

You can also take it a step further and purchase some weights to use at home for when you want to get that quick boost in between carpool line duty, and making dinner. Multitasking is what parents are known for, and CrossFit definitely mixes it up for the parent running around at full speed after little ones all day.

Oh, and the best part? There is no ego for you to worry about when beginning CrossFit! Most of us females aren’t fans of being gawked at in the gym, or judged, or felt as if we shouldn’t be there, and that is the exact opposite of what you’ll experience living the CrossFit life. Instead, you’ll find a group of fellow gym goers and trainers willing to stay late to help you perfect those muscles ups. You’ll find women there encouraging other women! Yes! You’ll find that while you’re developing the bod you always wanted, that you’re also gaining some lifelong friends as well.

Give a shot, see if it’s for you!






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