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Is Crossing Your Legs Causing Those Unattractive Spider Veins?


Beauty experts have always said you can tell how old a woman is by looking at their neck, and their legs, as they both tell an accurate picture of age and overall health. Millions of women develop veracious or spider veins in their legs, and aren’t very happy about them as they aren’t that easy to get rid of once they start forming. Vein clinics across the country are popping up everywhere helping ladies get back those youthful legs they once had by removing the veins once and for all. Luckily, most health insurance companies are helping chip in for the vein procedure, which has helped its rapid growth over the past five years. But, before ever having to let it get that far, is there anyway to actually prevent getting the veins in the first place?

For years we have been told that sitting with our legs crossed speeds up the process of developing these unsightly veins. Is this actually something medically proven, or an old wive’s tale? Doctors are reporting that if you already have a vein condition developing, then you constantly apply pressure on the veins, that you can make the condition worse. However, if you don’t already have veins showing such as spider veins, you can’t cause them to randomly start forming just from sitting like a lady at work all day. Phew! That settles that!

Start at 60 recently did a piece where medical professionals advised that the other big tale is that genetics play a huge factor in vein conditions just isn’t true. If your grandmother suffered from veins on her legs, it doesn’t mean that you will as well. Which is awesome news! They also recommend that you hold off until after having all of your children before seeking treatment for your veins. Additionally, getting regular massages can often prevent vein complications later down the road.





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