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CVS Expands to Offer Makeovers and Better Health Products


Everyone has their own favorite drug stores locally that they prefer over the competition, and CVS is working diligently to get your business. They recently took a bit of a financial hit by eliminating the sales of tobacco products, which frustrated a lot of smokers and in turn, they stopped spending their money there. However, the CVS execs are passionate about keeping their sales afloat. They have just released the plans to offer their shoppers makeovers for health and beauty to lure in more than the just the occasional prescription refill or gallon of milk buyer.

Seattle PI reports that CVS has been growing rapidly over the past decade, with shops popping up just about everywhere you turn. They have successfully become the country’s second biggest drugstore chain and have done so by this type of aggressive change. They began to expand their market food sections, and started selling an extensive line of signature beauty products. They plan to continue to sell the food, and even expand on that by adding a large amount of fresh, healthy foods to their shelves. They are also trying to spread their wings to cater directly to their local demographics in many cities with a new program they will be piloting that will be specific to Hispanic shoppers.

The company reports the changes they have been recently making have been as a result of their evolving customer demands. Rite Aid and Walgreens have also started to make a lot of changes, versus opening more stores. The common goal with all of these drugstore chains seems to be creating a “one stop shop” for all of your little run around needs from a cup of coffee to paper towels, all without having to go to a major grocery store or several different shops. Some changes you can expect to see in the coming years at CVS, will be things such as moving the sugary, candies that are placed up front as “impulse” buys to the back of the stores and replacing those items with fresh, healthy snacking options instead.





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