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What Are The Most Dangerous Habits To Have With COVID-19?


COVID-19 continues to dominate health news, and by now, most people know that while the recovery success rate is high in most circumstances, where symptoms of the illness can appear mild on some people, the highest people at risk around complications, hospitalization, and death for the virus, include:

Seniors living in a long-term care facility or nursing homes

Those 65+

Individuals with serious heart conditions

Individuals living with a lung illness or moderate-to-severe asthma

Individuals with immunocompromised systems, as well as people undergoing transplantation and cancer treatments

People who have poorly controlled HIV/AIDS and lengthy use of corticosteroids

Individuals who are severely obese, with specific underlying medical issues, especially if not well controlled like liver issues, renal failure, and diabetes.

It’s important to note that pregnant women with the virus should be monitored; however, there are not increased chances around complications of COVID-19 for women that are expecting, at this moment in time.

While the above are risk factors that are out of our hands, there are things that some people can do to minimize risk, and it all comes down to negative habits.

Vaping and Smoking

Vaping and smoking are two risky lifestyle habits as it is, but as COVID-19 attacks a person’s respiratory system, those with damaged lungs have an increased chance around suffering from complications. While there isn’t much research around the coronavirus as it is, according to a Chinese Medical Journal study published online recently revealed that of 78 COVID-19 sufferers, those who had a history around smoking were 14 times more likely to get pneumonia.

Addictive Drug Use

Those with heart illnesses are linked as high risk for complications around COVID-19, and drugs like cocaine and methamphetamines, as well as chronic alcohol abuse can be behind heart disease, which essentially places addicts of these substances at an increased risk.
Opioid addicts are also at a heightened risk, as these drugs slow down the breathing process, with their lungs not working the way they should be. Past studies have indicated that opioid use has enhanced the risks around death for those with respiratory illnesses.

Positive Health Habits Can Decrease The Risk

On a good note, there are positive lifestyle changes you can make to keep your immune system healthy. Following these “healthy habits” can assist in decreasing risks around any type of illness really, keeping both your body and mind strong, during this pandemic.

Exercise daily

Consume ample amounts of veggies, fruit, whole grains, and fibers and focus on a healthier daily diet
Get adequate sleep, between seven and nine hours each night
Maintain a healthy weight

Lastly, USNews reported that if you do have a chronic illness, ensure you have a good supply of medicines in your home to keep these diseases well under control. Also, as stated in many articles from health officials, continue proper hygiene rules by washing your hands frequently throughout the day.





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