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Dangers of Crossfit


Crossfit is certainly getting some bad press these days and for good reason. In this day and age when workouts are promoted as “killer” “intense” and “extreme” people almost expect that they have to destroy themselves in order to get fit. People are obsessed these days with jumping on the train of these extreme workouts that only the “elite” can accomplish. People assume that when they are drained and weak that it’s a normal part of getting fit.

Is Crossfit taking it to the extreme? Crossfit almost has a cult following who are obsessed with these intense workouts. But many are suggesting that crossfit is just to dangerous and not worth the risk. There have been clients who have cancelled memberships due to the inability to bend their arms and even serious hospital visits.

There is a rare fatal condition called Rhabdomyolysis that is happening more commonly now in regards to Crossfit. It happens due to extreme exertion in a workout which is what Crossfit is all about. The problem is it’s really serious, it’s not just about being sore and tired the next day. It’s permanent damage to the skeletal muscle, rapid release of proteins into your blood stream and even kidney failure.

Before Crossfit there was only an incident rate of 0.06% for this condition, but now you are seeing more of it.

When Rhabdomyolysis happens your muscle cells essentially explode and then they go off to die. While that is happening protein gets poured into your bloodstream. Your kidneys then get to work trying to clean up the mess cause they are really helpful in that way. But kidneys are used to this stuff so they become quickly overload and begin to fail themselves and then you have a whole mess of issues. In the meantime  your muscles are less damaged and swelling and weakness occurs. Does any of this sound fun to you?

These are the things being said about Crossfit these days and it seems that trainers of Crossfit are aware of it. If it’s an infrequent thing should they be so knowledgeable about it? Your body should not be pushed to the breaking point and then beyond it. The idea of no pain no gain is an old, very old philosophy and you can get plenty of hard workouts that won’t put you in the hospital.

It’s time to listen to your body. It’s quite common with workout nowadays to have friends and trainers push and coerce you to do better and go harder but your body knows what is best for you. Your body knows when it has had enough so don’t kill yourself…literally…over a workout. Take breaks if you need them, drink lots of water and stop if you need to. You have to ask yourself with all the other workouts available out there, is Crossfit worth the risk of a hospital visit?






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