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Demi Lovato Explains Recent Struggle With Sobriety After Six Years Clean


There’s something truly endearing about singer Demi Lovato, as no matter what happens in her life she seems to always be very public about her ups and downs, and that kind of rawness is why millions of fans adore her on a global scale. It’s no secret that she has had her run ins with substance abuse in the past, and she’s even shared her challenges with body image, and even a period of cutting herself. And just when everyone was rooting for her sobriety over the past six years, it seems that she has come out with recent news of a relapse.

Page Six revealed that Demi sang about her current struggles to her fans in her new single, “Sober” where she actually apologizes including details such as “drinks spilled on the floor” admitting that while she wants to be a role model, at the end of the day she is only human. Something everyone can without question relate to in one way or another in their own lives. Another interesting tidbit was discovered in the Confident documentary that was released back on 2017, where the 25 year old talent reported that she used drugs while actually publicly promoting a sober lifestyle in 2012. Not too many public stars will come to this level of honesty with their family, friends, and fan base, but that’s exactly why so many young people find her so intriguing. Her candidness is enviable, and a quality most parents would want for their teenagers to emulate. The drug use, not so much, but her willingness to overcome challenges all out in the open for others to potentially learn from her mistakes is respectable.

She has millions of fans behind her pulling for her to have this only be a bump in the road, and not a massive setback for the long star. Best wishes to Ms. Lovato in her recovery and fresh start on her sobriety!





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