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Designing an Outdoor Living Space At Home Can Reduce Stress and Anxiety


You know when you go on vacation and everything seems so relaxing and enjoying? Sometimes our minds place us in better situations than we really may be in real life. Resorts for example, often have living areas that unite the beauty of the outdoors with the indoor living that a hotel can offer. It creates a magical place that your brain loves and wants to explore. It sends the message of “this is a stunning view, and I must unwind now.”

USA Today reports that experts are saying that this environment should be created at home as well, to further ensure that your stress levels are staying low and controlled at home. It is a fact that natural environments at home result in happiness and an increased sense of well-being. Some ideas to start bringing the outdoors in, is to start by painting the walls neutral or Earth tones. Then start throwing in some texture! Use products like bamboo, lots of plants or trees, and soft fabrics with subtle patterns or colors.

Depending on your budget, you can take it a step further too. Some opt to remodel their homes to really create a magical, nature style. Installing doors that expand into the outdoors, or making huge floor to ceiling windows to provide a picturesque view every day. Some choose wallpapers, or use images that can be created into a massive wall sticker to create a nature wall. People often use the rainforest, or trees, as these images, but the options are endless. Maybe you want to strategically place chairs outdoors so that you can watch the sun set or rise every day.

Little changes can go a long way. Try it out in your home and see if it lowers your stress, anxiety, or even helps you sleep better!





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