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Dirty Water Being Given to Kids at Youth Football Practice


Pee Week football leagues are right in the heat of practices all over the country during the month of August, and the heat is definitely a concern of all parents. In the southern states it’s well over 90 degrees when these youngsters are wearing full pads running plays all during practice and in dyer need of staying properly hydrated. For one community in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania staying hydrated may come at a cost.

Parents are fed up in the Homewood area with the quality of water their kids are expected to consume at the fields. Typically, pee wee football coaches provide huge tubs of water on the sidelines for the kids to stay hydrated that they fill up at the filed site by whatever county or city water supply is installed there. Similar to what you would see with the bug Gatorade tubs the NFL has provided for the players on their sidelines; well the NFL would never be offering this water consistency to their players. Parents have taken photos of the brown colored water that comes out of the city water supply at the fields and submitted it to the water company demanding it be resolved.

The parents obviously have every right to be concerned, but now this is costing them in the meantime the longer it takes the water quality to be fixed as they are all purchasing cases of water now. The kids play at the Willie Stargell field where over 300 children are enrolled in the Homewood Community Sports League. A local news station (Channel 11 News) witnessed the Pittsburgh Water and Sewer Authority working on the issue, while they appeared to be flushing the water lines at the fields. Officials for the authority advised that they presume the brown, dirty water is as a result of having an influx of breaks in the water lines all over the Homewood area.

WPXI reported that until the issue is fully resolved and the water is clean enough for the children to consume, the coaches and parents will continue to supply the players with bottled water. Some cases of water have been graciously donated by local businesses in an effort to keep the kids playing without any issues.





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