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Disneyland Measles Epidemic Blames Anti-Vaccinating Parents for Outbreak


You wouldn’t imagine in 2015 the measles would even remotely be something parents have to be terrified about, but sadly it is. Just a few weeks ago, during the middle of December a trend began of children being treated and diagnosed for measles cases. It grew so quickly over the last four weeks to now infect a confirmed 70+ cases of people that all had the commonality of visiting the famous theme park.

There was never a huge push for parents to jump on the “I refuse to vaccinate my kids” bandwagon until the tremendous growth of Autism cases began to sweep the globe. There was a theory going around by thousands that firmly believed their child had possibly obtained the social disorder as a direct result of having vaccinations. Celebrities began to publicize the fact that they were opting to not have their children receive these lifesaving booster shots and in doing so, the trend has become wildly popular.

What’s interesting is that kids have been given the measles vaccination literally for decades, from a time period back in 70’s when Autism was never a household identified ailment. How did all of those millions of children obtain the vaccine, but no social illness developed, and now when medicine is at its prime the kids are getting this disease? Certainly makes one think, and sure there were kids with Autism back then but maybe doctors were not properly trained to look out for it? For the parents that feel shots can evolve into lifelong diseases, they would rather roll the dice and risk having a measles episode over Autism any day. The debate over this will no doubt continue for ages, but for now the focus is being brought to the forefront with the current massive outbreak enraging parents who do vaccinate their kids.

The measles prevention vaccine is said to be 99% effective and now 2014-2015 has a recorded history of having the worst noted cases of the illness in years. This current outbreak has effected those residing in California, Mexico, and four other states along the western region. It is been reported that the disease was spread at the Disneyland location in Anaheim, California sometime during December 15th through the 20th. Some have a thought that the highly contagious issue was brought to the states by a foreign citizen, while others are insisting it was distributed by a non-vaccinated person carrying the ailment.

Locating that single source of how it was spread is not likely, but out of those 70+ cases that have been confirmed, authorities were only successful in obtaining less than half of their immunization histories. Not surprisingly, out of 34 shot records to leaf through, 28 of them were not immunized for measles. The booster shot is given typically right around a baby’s first birthday and is considered to be a foolproof method of never contracting the respiratory disease. The illness was considered to be totally eliminated from the United States for quite some time, but now will certainly open up the flood gates for continued debate on the controversial vaccination topic.





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