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Is DNA Testing Worth The Cost To Step Up Your Health Game?


We now live in a time where everything is instant. If you have the funds and an internet connection, odds are you can obtain just about anything in 2017, even a sneak peak into your genetic health profile. With the success of websites such as, and 23andme; millions of followers are tuning into their health, their DNA, and what they believe as scientific reporting that can help them have a better understanding of who they are, and how they tick.

In a recent article on The Verge, the author humorously depicted her experience purchasing DNA testing that she was hoping could boost her health game in lieu of signing up for a half marathon. She advised that the expensive testing turned out to be nothing but a bunch of genetic astrology, versus the fatal intel she was hoping for. She admits the testing provided by the Helix company is so pricey that her employer paid it for her, as otherwise, she would have never shelled out the $300 fee to complete the DNA kit.

Is it worth the few hundred dollars? For some perhaps, but for most reflecting on their personal realists, it’s just a bunch of science and doesn’t give the intimate results they were seeking. Telling them that they re lactose intolerant for instance, is something anyone can really guess, as millions of humans don’t process lactose well. If you’re seeking some historical scientific facts about your heritage, then Helix may be right for you. If you’re seeking information on how to make the best version of you health-wise, this may not be the ideal course for that need.

If seeking what country your grandmother originated from, genetic testing is the obvious way to go. If you’re looking for how your body ticks, its better to go to a medical office and have this type of testing administered where a trained physician can depict your results clearly and answer any questions you may have to gain the best overall health for years to come.





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