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Doctor’s Claiming Kids With Lice Should Still be Permitted to Attend School


If you ever developed lice as a child, or if one of your kid’s has ever had it, you know all too well how annoying it can be to get rid of. Years ago when children developed lice, they would shave their heads to get rid of it, especially if they were boys. Such is no longer the case, and with poor hygiene happening with more kids today than ever, lice is on the rise.

Are kids really dirtier than when you were a kid? Little ones still drank from the garden hose and ate dirt when I was small, so with all of the helicopter parenting going on currently, I don’t see kids being dirtier now. However, with two parents being gone at work being a popular need in most households that leaves kids to perhaps take their own showers or ensure they are clean and ready for bed properly each night without Mom or Dad around.

Webmd had an interesting perspective reported recently from the American Academy of Pediatrics. It reported that most schools nationwide in America hold a “no nit” policy that prevents children from attending classes once a lice diagnosis has been discovered until they are nit free. Most parents can nip lice by using over the counter rises and wet combing treatments that kill the nits then comb them out from the hair and wash it out. The treatments are to usually be performed again in a week then again in 18 days. With any kids that have severe cases of lice or nits that aren’t responding to the over the counter rises, they can see a family doctor for a prescription treatment.

Pediatricians are saying lice is nothing other than a nuisance, not a major health hazard that should keep children from attending school as usual. There are millions of cases of head lice and only one member of the family develops it when residing with many other family members. Kids pass along lice to other children by sharing hairbrushes, or coming into contact with each other’s heads that may be infected; such as two toddlers sleeping next to one another. Washing pillow cases, and bedding, along with cleaning or buying new hairbrushes are all great ideas to keep your home lice free.





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