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Doctors Reveal Shocking Statistics On Dehydrated Kids; Is Your Child Drinking Enough During The Day?


Within the last decade the world has become more aware of the crucial importance that hydration plays upon your overall health. Years ago, many adults would get through the day with just a mere cup of coffee and not think anything of that habit. Now, we’ve been well heavily advised that dehyration can be the cause of numerous health challenges that you didn’t even realize you were suffering through just over not getting enough liquids in each day.

Spin that focus on your children for a moment, do you really think they’re getting fluids while at school all day? Probably not, and medical experts are agreeing, and with some pretty astonishing stats to go along with their professional opinion:

Did you know that 5-8 year old children should be consuming 5 glasses of water per day? According to the Daily Mail, most of those children in that age bracket are only getting 2 glasses. Even worse, some 32% of school age kids are only getting one glass consumed each day. Another scary truth reported is that one out of every twenty parents admitted that their kids do not have any drinks that they’re aware of until roughly 3pm or later in the afternoon.

While some parents are reflecting on their own youth, revealing that they too didn’t sip on drinks all day long as child either, but now we simply have more medical evidence that children are suffering from the severe effects of dehydration. Does your child suffer from feeling tired frequently, or develop headaches a lot? These are both signs of not having enough fluids in the body, and it’s such as easy fix to correct.

Some tips, for parents eager to get a better grip on fluid intake for your kids, are to start with ensuring that your child takes water with them each day to school. Have them pick out a thermos or bottle they like, and tell them to drink it as much as possible during the school day. On the bus to and from school, and after recess or physical education classes, are also excellent times to push fluids. Once your child becomes comfortable with the habit of drinking plenty of water, it will become second nature and habit that will last with them for years to come!





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