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Doctors Weigh In On The Strain Heavy Backpacks Can Place On Your Child’s Spine


It’s well into the back to school season, and kids are still trying to manage all of their needed supplies for the day, books, and paperwork all squished into their backpacks as they shuffle out the front door every morning to catch that school bus on time. While all of these items are necessary to tote to school each day, it seems as though even the largest backpacks aren’t accommodating the ever-growing pile of stuff these little ones have to drag into school. Have you ever tried to carry your child’s backpack? If it’s heavy for you, you can imagine how heavy it is for a little one to carry around. Doctors are weighing in on this controversial topic, and they agree that it isn’t a healthy habit for a child’s growing spine.

A recent article in Ortho Spine News depicted this very issue, reporting that some 60% of children between the ages of 6 and 9 years old, have advised their backpacks cause them back pain. Many of them hunching over trying to carry the bag, in addition to some children hat are also carrying lunches, or musical instruments as well; all causing too much strain on the spine for an elementary sized kiddo.

Spinal experts are advising that parents take a long, hard look at the positioning of their child’s backpack on their body when they are carrying it. Is it causing them to hunch over? Are the straps pulled tight enough to sit properly on their shoulders to allow the weight of the bag to not harm their spine? These are all things to consider, and many children have made the switch to taking rolling bags to schools as a result of the back and shoulder strains. The only issue with that option is that many schools don’t allow the roller version, so definitely check with your child’s learning facility before purchasing a rolling bag. Another great suggestion is going through the bag frequently with the child. Many kids are in a rush, and don’t clean out their bags, leaving excess papers or workbooks that can be thrown away and not adding to the already heaviness of the bag.





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