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Dog The Bounty Hunter’s Wife, Beth Chapman Digs Deep Revealing Her Story And Her Scars From Throat Cancer


Even if you don’t follow the hit A&E television series, Dog the Bounty Hunter”, odds are you’ve seen the famous couple, or one of their 12 children in the media at some point. They’ve been America’s bounty hunting couple for many years, and incorporated their large, blended family into their business quite nicely as well. Recently. Beth Chapman has put herself out there in a documentary produced by A&E, that closely depicts her journey with cancer, and really proves that no matter who you are, how much you may have in the bank, anyone can be a victim of cancer, and everyone goes through the exact same horrifying emotions throughout each phase of treatment.

In the documentary, which is available for viewing anytime on the A&E app, you get a true sense of how much Dog and Beth are inseparable. Dog sheds many a tears in a very tangible way showing the viewers just how terrifying this ugly disease can be to process for all involved, not just the patient. Beth underwent surgery for a T2 tumor that was labeled as a stage 2 form of throat cancer in LA in 2017, and boy did she put up a brave fight!

Her surgery was only planned to be just a few hours, but as you can see in the documentary, she ends up being under the knife for well over 10 hours, leaving her with quite the battle scar going across the entire width of her neck. She’s been covering it for weeks with scarves and creating pieces of jewelry, but lately, In Touch Magazine showed that she has bared it all and given other cancer survivors just like her a reason to be so proud of themselves. Baring those scars can be traumatizing to be in the public eye and open to millions of comments thanks to social media, but she’s truly shown tremendous strength and grace giving her just another reason for millions of viewers to have a solid connection with the Chapman family for many years to come.





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