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Dog Flu Epidemic Sweeping the Nation; Can You Get Sick From Your Dog?


Chicago is currently entrenched in a massive flu outbreak, but not the kind you may be thinking. This version is effecting dogs, so much so that it has been fatal for five poor pups in Cook County alone. Fox Chicago reported that the total is now over 1,000 dogs in the local area suffering from influenza symptoms.

Companies such as Petsmart are doing their due diligence to help stop the spreading of the flu for their patrons by temporarily closing most of their pet hotel services until the outbreak has settled down. Experts disclose the following symptoms to look for in your pup:

  • Lethargic
  • Coughing
  • Nauseous
  • Vomiting
  • Fever
  • Tired
  • Irritable
  • Not engaging in walks or play time

With all of this doggy flu news, it certainly does bring cause for concern to those of us that are dog lovers and have a few roaming the abode. Can we get the flu from our dogs? Evidently, yes we all can obtain the flu from our sick pooches. Not only can the canines pass it along to other dogs, but they can easily give it to a human with just a mere cuddle when you arrive home from work. Avoid taking your dogs to any public dog parks, and avoid any close contact with them (as hard as that may be) if they are displaying any of the aforementioned symptoms.

The doggie flu can stay active on dry surfaces, and even clothing for a whole 24 hour period. Washing their bedding in any dog crates will be crucial to kill the germs and stay on top of it. Those dogs that are already confirmed as carriers of the virus can be contagious for two weeks. If your dog has come into contact with you and he/she has the flu, wash your body anywhere the dog touched such as your hands and face carefully. Change your clothes and wash the ones you were wearing when you came into contact with the sick dog. Always keep outsiders away from your residence until you know your dog is in the clear and has successfully recovered from the flu as well to avoid spreading it even more humans and their possible dogs at home. Do pay close attention to the routine outlined by your veterinarian to ensure that your dog will be healthy again in just a few days.





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