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That Dry Shampoo You Love So Much, Is It A Healthy Habit?


Remember when you were a kid and your parents expected you to wash your hair everyday even if it wasn’t really dirty? Having that washed wet hair at night just before bedtime was a refreshing part of your nighttime routine as a kiddo, and now here we are decades later and we’re being told not to wash it as frequently. But, why? How can having clean hair be a bad thing?

The issue with washing your hair everyday as Bustle recently reported, is due to the chemicals in the shampoo that have the ability that strips oils away from your hair. If it’s bad for your hair, then why are millions of people still scrubbing away with shampoo? There is the notion that your hair tends to feel greasy if you don’t use the normal wash and rinse routine, and for those that have very oily hair, this can be a challenge to part ways with the “poo”.

The fact is, change can often be intimidating, but if you can swap out the shampoo for a dry powder or spray it could save your hair in the long run. Dermatologists seem to chime in when you replace shampoo with other household cleaners like baking soda. The soda has a particularity high pH value, and this can result in actually making the hair more fragile and causing it to break off.

In the end it’s a personal choice wether or not to become a dry shampoo lover or not. Many women feel that their hair is super shiny after they ditch the poo, but it can be hard to love it at first like any new routine. Give a spin for a week or even a few days and see if it transforms your hair!





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