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Off-Duty Nurse Jumps In To Deliver Baby At Target


Who doesn’t love a nice shopping trip to Target? Depending on which one you go to, you can pick up anything from cookies, to clothes, birthday decorations, and bathroom accessories. Still, a news story coming of Georgia reports that one woman went shopping at the famous big box store, only to leave with a baby in her arms.

Tanya St. Preux dropped by her local Target recently, finding herself going into labor the moment she arrived. Some may have panicked, but thankfully there was an off-duty labor and delivery nurse, Caris Lockwood, at the store and during the same time … at Target’s front entrance, no less.

Lockwood would jump right in and assist with St. Preux’s delivery, and with the help of some of Target’s staff, a healthy and happy baby boy was brought into the world. The infant weighed seven pounds, ten ounces.

As St. Preux relayed, as per a Piedmont Healthcare statement (the facility where Lockwood is employed), the new mom thought the nurse was amazing and ‘God-sent’. Momma Tanya would go on to say that Lockwood exceeded expectation, went far and beyond what was needed, and was caring and sweet.

CNN reported that Jenna Reck, spokesperson for Target, chimed in on the store delivery (pun-intended) stating that Target commends the medical staff and nurses, in addition to the company’s staff members, who were there to assist the pregnant mom deliver her infant at a Georgia Target store. Reck would go on to state that Target was happy to know baby and mother are doing good. Reck would also note that Target wishes them all the best.

Truly living proof that when a baby is ready to come out … it is ready to come out regardless of circumstance or where a pregnant mom is. Wondering if he’ll be a fan of Target shopping as he grows older?






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