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E-cigarettes Proving to be Growing Trend Within Teenagers


It’s amazing to think only a few years ago smoking regular tobacco cigarettes was permitted in restaurants, bars, pubs, and lounges across the globe. Others nearby would have to endure the second smoke damage resulting from the smokers in the room, and it was merely a part of life. With the invention of the e-cigarette, smokers can light up in more places than ever before, and not disturb others sat nearby.

The earliest invention of the e-cigarette was linked to a smoking device developed by Herbert Gilbert, back in 1963. Gilbert’s creation was founded along the same principal that the popular e-cigs are sold today, through heating a cigarette that contains air of various flavors- versus the traditional tobacco version. A few decades later, a man named Hon Lik {who was also a former smoker himself} began working on the idea of a vapor cigarette. Hon’s creation took the world by storm in just a few short years, starting with the Chinese markets buying into the product, then by 2007 earning himself a patent and success on am international scale.

Die hard smokers came out of the woodwork over the past five years accrediting e-cigarettes as their method of success that got them off of smoking traditional cigarettes. While all progress in smoking cessation should be congratulated, the world has yet to learn the applicable dangers of smoking vapor cigarettes long term. To make matters worse, the e-cigarettes come in a variety of flavors that makes the habit very appealing to kids of all ages.

Research and data was recently revealed in St. Paul, Minnesota by the state health commissioner; Dr. Ed Ehlinger. This data comes as no surprise to most, but reports that “25% of kids that are currently using e-cigarettes have never used tobacco products in the past”. Dr. Ehlinger’s concern lies with a younger generation taking up smoking as a cool, new fad. He feels that this evidence does not exactly support he thought process that vaporized smoking in turn, results in total smoking cessation.

Minnesota high school teens were recently surveyed about their own personal experiences, if any, with the new smoking trend. The results came back that 13% of them currently or recently utilized electronic cigarettes. An ever scarier statistic for parents to be cautioned with is that another study conducted of eighth grade pupils, concluded that 62% of them related smoking as a risk for tobacco cigarettes, but only 15% had any reservations of the e-cigarettes.

E-cigarettes certainly glamourize smoking when compared to the traditional packs of tobacco cigarettes that once used your parents could smell on you a mile away.  Kids are hiding their smoking habits much easier through vapor smoking, and at the end of the day, they are still smoking nicotine just in a prettier fashion.

The vapors ingested through the e-cigarettes haven’t exactly been utilized or studied on after a subject has used the new form of smoking for quite some time to see the real effects of it. Some scientists have their own medical opinions of what could potentially be damaged after prolonged e-cigarette use, but for now those theories will have to wait until smokers continue to use the product if any additional medical concerns develop. Parents need to become educated on the devices, the vapors, and the nicotine habit their children could be using without their knowledge as the trend only appears to be gaining popularity in the coming 2015 year.





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