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Eczema Can Result In More Health Challenges Than Itchy Skin


Eczema is a dreadful skin condition otherwise known as “dermatitis” that can result in much more than just itching during the day. If you haven’t suffered a bout of eczema in your life, then consider yourself extremely fortunate. It is extremely annoying, and can be somewhat debilitating to many patients.

The rash can appear anywhere on the body, and it can come in the form of red tiny bumps, or develop into liquid filled bumps. Some only get it during seasonal allergy months, and others have to live with the rashes everyday. It seems to have no real cause, or rhyme or reason for that matter, but everyone who has ever dealt with the ailment in the past can all agree on one thing; they don’t want to deal with it ever again.

WebMD reported that experts have weighed in on the situation, proving that not only does the illness cause itchiness that never seems to stop, but that it’s effects can be much more profound than skin deep. Many live with the bumps for weeks and it can cause social anxiety, esteem issues, poor sleeping conditions, and even depression. Many patients cannot wear certain clothing that exposes their skin, such as something as simple as wearing a bathing suit to a day at the beach. The rashes take over their lives in several capacities, and as you can assume, that would easily be damaging to your mental health.

Millions of children for instance in the United States alone, suffer from eczema. While one may think it’s as easy as rubbing some type of steroid cream on your rash, it really is much harder than that to get rid of. Lots of patients try products such as apple cider vinegar shots to cleanse the body from the inside out, or they take steroid injections, or use sprays such as Gold Bond, or even Epsom Salt baths. What works for one doesn’t work for all cases, so there is a lot of trial and error that’s involved in finding the right cure for your eczema. See a dermatologist today to get a jump start on your allergy season, or if you start to develop some eczema bumps.





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