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Eleven Seniors Dead Post Irma Due To No A/C In Home


Hurricane Irma caused some devastating damage within Florida and a recent report indicates that eleven seniors have passed away in a nursing home due to the storm’s effects. As the home was unable to evacuate residents, those within dealt with no air conditioning for days, suffering with the incredible Florida heat and no relief.

Two women, 94 years of age, along with a man, 93 years of age, passed away last week and were added to the already eight deaths that occurred within the Hollywood Hills Rehabilitation Center or those who passed on after being evacuated. The cause of these deaths has not been established, still over 140 of those within the home that evacuated ended up being treated for heat-related conditions. According to the Hollywood Police Department, the deaths are a part of a criminal investigation that is now underway.

CNN reported that after Hurricane Irma hit, residents of the nursing home had to deal with insurmountable heat conditions due to a tree falling on the transformer powering the establishment’s a/c system. A lot of residents were moved next to fans, spot coolers, and in the hallways to battle heat issues. As per Rick Scott’s office, Florida Governor, several calls were made between state authorities from the nursing home, yet the nursing home had not relayed that patients needed to be evacuated or were in danger. In fact, the state told managers to reach out to 911 if a situation of this type came up.

According to page 159 of a report, there was failure to do so.

Scott relayed in a statement that the nursing home is not taking responsibility around the situation when they delayed a 911 call and having residents evacuated to one of the largest hospitals in the state, which also happened to be located across the street from the facility.
The nursing home relayed its sympathy for the families dealing with the loss of loved ones and assured that they were working with regulators and authorities to find out what went wrong. A moratorium was placed on the home to prevent it from adding any additional patients within.






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