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Encouraging Skin Cancer By Supplying a College Debit Card?


It’s beginning to be that time of year again, where those who adore a sun kissed skin look have to flock to the drugstore to use a self tanner, or visit a tanning salon as the winter season draws closer. In the past decade it has become increasingly evident that health experts are not exactly fans of using tanning beds, which is why spray tans have become so unbelievably popular.

The issue is, spray tans often come out with a fake appearance, or create an orange tint to the skin that no one finds attractive. Spray tans are also more expensive than jumping into a tanning bed for ten or fifteen minutes, making the spray tans nearly impossible to keep up with for the average college student on a very low spending budget. Tanning salon owners know this, and they’ve become very wise to the issue strategically placing salons all over the country within walking distance to various college campuses.

USA Today advises that many parents have no idea how easy it is to purchase a tanning package with a college issued debit card that most parents fund as well. Yep, that same card you expect your little darling to buy dinner with is also how he or she can keep glowing skin all school year, as many campuses allow tanning to be paid for with college debit cards.

The University of Alabama, and University of Texas Austin campuses are just two of many that accept this debit system or have salons on campus. If you look into your child’s school campus, you’ll most likely find a tanning place within walking distance of where they sleep, which is genius placement as far as real estate goes, but possibly a nightmare for parents. So, how do you draw the line with your college kid that loves a nice tan? Simply find out how often they are tanning, what it’s costing you, and if they are aware of the risks of using tanning beds.

Natalie Muoio was one of these students that used the debit tanning system at her campus, and ended up developing skin cancer by 20 years old. Was her tanning habit to blame? Perhaps, as doctors would agree it certainly didn’t help the situation. Experts strongly advise that all parents speak openly to their college aged children about tanning safely and the dangers of abusing the service. Of course not every kid that uses a tanning bed will end up developing some form of skin complication, but you can find ways to speak to your kids about how easy skin cancers are to form when they overdo it. If ant any point, you feel your son or daughter may have started to develop signs of cancerous moles, please seek a consultation with a dermatologist immediately.






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