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Evidence Proving Family Game Night Is Good For Your Health

Are you like most families in 2018 that just don’t have the time or energy to pull a family dinner together each night after work or school? Totally understandable, as more parents and children are over scheduled now than ever before. As new research proves it’s spending time together as a family unit is what counts more so than the actual food you and your children are consuming. With that said, order a pizza after a tiring day at the office and gather ’round the table for a wholesome family game night full of fun!

Does the idea of family gaming not thrill you? Have no fear, as it doesn’t have to be yet another over competitive hour of Monopoly. Did you see the Target line of retro boardgames that they have on shelves currently? Oh yes, remember those games you played a zillion times as a kid? The Brady Bunch game, Golden Girls has a game out, The Oregon Trail, Superfight Game the 90’s Deck, and the MacGyver game are all hot selling choices! More of a traditional gamer? They have that covered too as you can pass on the tradition of playing Risk, Scrabble, Chutes and Ladders, Mancala, Operation, Candy Land, Yahtzee, Life, Connect 4, and Trouble.

According to the NY Times, children that only get the opportunity to experience less than two meals together per week are more likely to have poor relationships with their parents. The kids are also at a higher risk for obesity, and developing a substance abuse issue later in life. Sounds crazy at first, but once you ponder the whole family night situation it all makes total sense. If children don’t get to have family time that often, they usually have parents that are working a lot, or they have relationships with their babysitters that are stronger than the ones they hold with their parents. Of course parents have to work, which is why this game night is an excellent idea. Even if it’s not some elaborate family meal that you put together, it could be a snack you share together. It’s all about getting the time in even if it’s twenty minutes of running around the yard, or a quick bike ride with your little ones. It means so much to them, and is super healthy for you both!

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